Basisago Garden Fence Landscape Border

Basisago Garden Fence Landscape Border Edging Barrier Decorative Rustproof Coated Metal Panel Folding Patio Wrought Iron Wire Border Outdoor Wire Lawn Yard Boundaries Non-toxic Odorless



Product Description

  • High-quality material: Made of non-toxic, odorless, high-quality environmental protection PP material, durable, can withstand wind and rain, not perishable, weather-resistant and durable, suitable for outdoor use all year round.
  • Can be spliced design, easy to install: Buckle design, splicing is simple and convenient, disassembly and assembly is easier, can be cycle spliced according to the required length, there are 3 plungers under each fence, which can be directly inserted into the soft soil, making the fence in Deeply fixed in the soil. Keep it firm and not loose even in wind and rain.
  • Protective and multi-purpose: Keep children, dogs, rabbits or other animals away from your yard to protect plants and flowers in your yard. In addition, it helps to define and protect your gardens, trails and landscape boundaries
  • Decorative: The border fence itself is decorative for your garden, adding more fun to your life. It adds a sense of modernity and provide more choices for your garden, terrace or yard, so that your yard and garden have beautiful decorative appearance, and you will be proud of it.
  • Packing: The package includes 5pcs fences, the size of each fence: 60*33cm, the total length of 5 pieces is 3 meters (10 feet) .


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